1000 Calorie Workouts: The 1000 Calorie Exercise Bike Workout

Looking at 1000 calorie workouts but don’t have a lot of time or not a big sports fan, the 1000 calorie exercise bike workout may be the solution. There are several advantages of the exercise bike regime, but principally the exercise bike is a convenient way to burn a large number of calories in a short space of time.

The time required to burn 1000 calories will vary of course depending upon the vigour put into the exercise however, at a moderate pace one can expect a 1000 calorie ride to take around 90 minutes covering 45km.

There are a great number of additional advantages to an exercise bike program too, firstly there is no requirement to enjoy sport or exercise as using an exercise bike leaves a person free to engage in a range of other activities simultaneously from listening to music through to watching the TV.
In short, you can watch a movie and hardly even notice you’ve shifted a 1000 calories while you did it.

Cost is another key factor, an exercise bike can be bought for as little as £20 ($30) in the supermarket and will last for several years.

There are no monthly fees and maintenance is minimal, you can always buy a more advanced exercise bike later on but a basic model with a calorie counter is all you nee to start off with.

Finally there is the convenience factor, even the most modest of houses can fit an exercise bike in, this will allow you to take up exercise at your own convenience any time of the day or night.

So if looking for a convenient way to incorporate 1000 calorie workouts into your day, consider the 1000 calorie exercise bike workout as a convenient and effective way to lose weight.

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