500 Calorie Diets: Are They Safe and Sustainable?

500 calorie diets are certainly not a long term solution to weight loss. Those that try a 500 calorie a day diet may suffer from hunger pangs, mood swings and feelings of low energy and lethargy.

Despite this, the 500 calorie a day diet remains popular due to the prospect of rapid weight loss. Assuming a daily calorie usage of 2,000 calories per day this means that a person on a 500 calorie per day diet will have a deficit of 1,500 calories per day. With body fat having a calorie content of 3,500 calories per pound this means effective weight three pounds per week.

However, such headline weight loss figures mask the problems with 500 calorie diets. In the first case there is the problem of nutrition, at just 500 calories per day it is almost impossible to achieve a health balanced diet. Thus the dieter is faced with the prospect of malnutrition or the need take supplements.

Furthermore, the deficit created may not be as great as you think.

The prospect of feeding the body with just 500 calories per day can cause the metabolism to slow down, as such whilst the 500 calorie a day diet reduces intake it may also reduce the amount of calories burned.

Finally, there are other health issues which are associated with such ultra low calorie forms of dieting. These include but are not limited to long term health problems associated with undernourishment such as, muscle wastage and possible damage to internal organs.

All of these health concerns linked to the shear discomfort of the experience mean that best-quick-weight-loss-center.com does not advocate 500 calorie diets. Instead, look for something less extreme and more sustainable. Remember effective weight loss of all about lifestyle changes, not radical solutions.