The Acai Berry Diet: Acai Diet Pills and Supplements

Acai berry diet pills include the extract of a small dark purple grape looking fruit primarily found in the Brazilian rainforests of the same name. Whilst many berries are thought to be superfoods, rich in antioxidants and other key nutrients, the Acai has become the berry of controversy in the world of weight loss.

Advocates (including many in the industry) state that the berry and supplements made from the berry have a variety of weight losing properties including suppression of appetite and increased energy levels as well as other non-weight loss related health benefits. Including better heart health and anti-aging properties.

Acai Berry Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence that the consumption of Acai berries or products made from the fruit actually aid weight loss.

Whilst, the consumption of any berry or superfood may be encouraged as part of a well balanced diet, one must be carful to consider the merits of the food or supplements from a pure weight loss perspective.

If deciding to give the Acai a go, there are a variety of products available include dried berries, fresh berries, Acai berry diet pills and Acai juice based drinks.

When researching the merits of supplements further, consider carefully the claims being made. Are they being made by qualified medical professionals and dieticians or those in the industry with a product to sell?