Alli Diet Pills: Alli Weight Loss Pills an Over the Counter Slimming Pill

Alli diet pills are an over the count slimming pill which contain a half dose of Orlistat, the active ingredient in Xenical. As such, Alli weight loss pills share many of the benefits and drawbacks of Xenical in drug available without prescription.

Like Xenical Alli is consumed around meal times and works in the body’s digestive system to prevent the absorption of fats from the diet. It is estimated that Alli weight loss pills prevent the body from absorbing about 25% of the fats consumed.

Hamburger The claims made by advocates of Alli diet pills are quite substantial, those who support the product claim that the slimming pills can increase weight loss by 50%.

As such, for every 2lbs lost naturally it is claimed that Alli will see that an extra 1lb is lost.

Alli sliming pills are available without a prescription from most chemists and are recommended for those who are over 18 and have a BMI of 28 or more. Whilst the drug is available without prescription, it may still be worth taking medial advice before starting a treatment.

Like all “fat blocking” pills, one concern is that such a drug may have the side effect of preventing fat soluble vitamins and minerals from being absorbed by the body. As such, it may be necessary to consider carefully one’s diet whilst taking Alli or seeking advice on a good quality multi-vitamin.

Whilst Alli is FDA approved, there are also other side effects mostly related to the passing of fats through the body which would have normally been digested. The effects are more notable for those with a high fat diet, as such reducing one’s fat intake is an effective way of reducing such unpleasant side effects.