Creating a Balanced Weight Loss Diet

Creating a balanced weight loss diet is essential if weight is to be lost as part of a healthy lifestyle approach towards weight loss. Despite this many diets offer starvation rations or an unhealthy obsession with a single food group or set of foods which will leave the body all but depleted of essential nutrients.

If looking to create a balanced weight loss diet then consider the following elements:

Variety – Try not to exclude any single food or food groups, eating a wide variety of foods will help to ensure that the body is able to gain all of the nutrients without the need for additional supplements. In addition, a varied diet is also usually easier to stick too.

Portions – Many who are successful dieting will find that focusing on potion sizes as opposed to the exclusion of foods is a good way to achieve both a nutritionally balanced diet as well as ensuring that boredom does not cause the diet to fail.

Food Groups – What ever target calorie level is chosen for the diet try to achieve the recommended proportions for each of the food groups. These are 68% carbohydrates, 17% proteins and 15% fats.

Foods – At present the NHS recommends the following guidelines for specific foods. 5 potions of fruit and veg a day, 2 potions of fish per week, 3 potions of dairy per day with meats and alternatives recommended to be eaten in moderation.

While the above tips give a rough guide to creating a balanced weight loss diet, it is worth pointing out that there are those who disagree. Those who follow the Atkins diet for instance would be horrified at a diet with a carbohydrate content of 68%. If unsure about creating the right diet for your personal needs, then it is always worth seeking the advice of a medical professional or a qualified dietician.