Beer and Weight Loss: Lowest Calorie Beers

The phrase “beer belly” is a good indication that beer and weight loss do not go well together, as such it is imperative to choose the lowest calorie beers if one is to lose weight without giving up beer.

When looking at the ingredients of beer or larger it may be considered that beer is the equivalent of liquid bread, made from grain, sugar and yeast with the addition of hops. Not surprisingly, beer is thus a high calorie drink.

A pint of Guinness for example contains around 210 calories whilst a premium larger can contain anything up to and beyond 335 calories in a single pint.

As such, one can see that it takes only a few beers to significantly increase the daily calorie intake and thus induce weight gain.

Fortunately for those who like a beer there are a number of lower calorie options, here are some tips to finding the lowest calorie beers:

Low Alcohol Content – Much of the calories contained in beer is in the alcohol itself, as such low alcohol beers such as bitters tend to offer better value. Tesco Value bitter for example at 2.1% has a calorie content of just 37 per 440ml can.

Light Beers – Light beers are marketed as lower calorie beers than the standard edition, this is certainly the case but bear in mind that light beers are not a low calorie drink. Bud Light for instance still has a calorie content of 110 per 12oz serving which is a saving on bud regular but still a significant portion of the daily recommended intake.

Numbered Beers – The lowest calorie beers often have a number representing the calories for instance, Bud Select 55 has yes you’ve guessed it, 55 calories per bottle as is the pattern with Miller Genuine Draft 64 and a range of other “numbered” beers.

So if considering beer and weight loss and looking for the lowest calorie beers, a general rule of thumb is to choose lighter beers and lower alcohol beers. However, always check the label as calorie content varies widely from brand to brand.