Burning Calories Doing the Housework: What is the Calories Burn Rate?

Burning calories through doing the housework is a great way to increase the number of calories burned in a day. The key question however is what is the calories burn rate for doing the house work?

Vacuum Cleaner The answer will of course depend on the activity and the level of vigour with which one puts into the activity. In addition, as with all forms of exercise those with the most weight to lose will benefit quicker as the body has to work harder achieve the same level of activity.

Here are some estimated statistics for a variety of calorie burn rates for various household activities:

Hoovering – 194 Calories per hour

Dusting – 174 Calories per hour

Gardening – 289 Calories per hour

Mopping – 194 Calories per hour

Washing the car – 234 Calories per hour

Ascending and descending the stairs – 516 Calories per hour

As can be seen from the figures above, a few hours of housework each day can give a considerable workout whilst achieving another practical purpose, keeping the house clean.

To maximise the benefit, try to be less efficient. For instance the greatest benefit comes from running up and down the stairs, so if looking to make the housework a workout then why not alternate rooms between floors, rather than cleaning each level in one go.