Effective Calorie Counting: Write it Down

If looking to lose weight then the importance of effective calorie counting can not be underestimated. Just a few claries per day below the daily intake will see the scales tipping in the right direction. On the other hand, every calorie over the daily usage contributes towards another excess pound.

One of the most effective ways to count the calories is to keep a note book and write down the calories of every item of food or drink consumed. The note book serves a number of purposes.

Milkshake In the first instance a record helps to jog the memory, one simply can’t be expected to walk around with a running total of calories consumed that particular day without forgetting at some point.

In addition, by writing down the calories consumed one is also making a conscious as opposed to passive decision to consume food.

Put frankly, if you have to write down the calories consumed this acts as an extra deterrent against eating on impulse, snacking or partaking in other forms of eating which are not necessary.

Finally by writing down the calories consumed, this also acts a learning tool. Many of us know which foods are intrinsically high in calories and which are low. However, by writing down the calories, a person gets a much better idea of quite of bad or good a given food is from a calorie perspective. Writing down the calories may even reveal some pleasant surprises.

So if looking at a calorie restrictive diet, don’t forget to implement an effective calorie counting regime, buy a note book and writ it down.