Calories Burned Through Exercise and Workouts

While the exact number of calories burned through partaking any given form of exercise is dependent on a number of factors including, body mass and vigour. It helps however, to have a rough idea of the calorie levels burnt though exercise.

Calories Spent Walking – The University of Nebraska estimates that the average person will burn 100 calories for every 1 mile of walking. At speed of 3 miles per hour this is 300 calories per hour.

Runner Calories Used Swimming – Estimates vary radically considering speed and style however, a leisurely swim should see calorie use of around 354 calories per hour, this can increase up to 549 calories per hour for a high intensity hour of swimming using the butterfly stroke.

Calories Per Hour Jogging – The average calorie burn rate for a jog at 6mph is thought to be between 670 and 744 calories per hour dependent upon weight. Variance of speed will however, change these figures significantly.

Calories Per Hour Cycling – Calculating the calorie burn rate for cycling can be very difficult however, taking an average it is estimated that at 17mph a person will burn around 715 calories per hour.

The figure however varies greatly according to a person’s weight, speed of cycling and the route take (think hills!)

As such, the calories burnt in any form of exercise can vary greatly, the two most important factors to consider are usually the person’s initial weight and the level of intensity or speed at which the exercise is undertaken.