The Calories in Alcohol: How Many Calories Are There in Alcohol?

Considering the calories in alcohol? Most people know that alcohol and weight loss don’t necessarily mix and that alcoholic drinks have a high number of calories. After all, there is a reason many refer to excess weight around the waste line as a “beer belly”.

The key questions for those who wish to lose weight without giving up alcohol is how many calories are in alcohol itself and do different forms of alcoholic drink have different levels of calories present.

In addressing the first issue, alcohol itself is a high calorie substance, as such all forms of alcoholic drink will add significantly to the daily calorie intake. Alcohol as a substance has 7 calories per gram, this is the second highest density of calories per gram only after fat which has a density of 9 calories per gram.
As such, drinks of similar classifications with higher alcoholic contents have higher calorie contents. Thus a premium continental larger will have a greater number of calories than a low strength bitter.

This however can be misleading, one needs to check the calorie content of each drink before making a decision, due to additional calories present.

For instance, whilst Vodka at a 40% alcoholic content will have a greater number of calories due to alcohol than say a beer at 5%. The beer also had additional calories present from other sources including residual sugars.

Thus unit for unit, a higher alcoholic content drink may prove better value from a calorie counting perspective when all the sources of calories are taken into account.

So if looking to lose weight without giving up alcohol, firstly consider that any form of alcoholic drink is likely to be high on the calorie count. Secondly consider that calories in alcohol are not the only cause of the beer belly. Think carefully about extra calories present in residual sugars or in added sugars through mixers.