Getting the Energy Balance Right: How Many Calories Per Day for Men and Woman?

Wondering the answer to the question how many calories per day? Losing weight is all about getting the energy balance right in the first place and then working to create a deficit. This is to say a situation where more calories are being burned each day than are being consumed. When the energy balance is in equilibrium, a person will neither lose nor gain weight.

Often before losing weight by creating a deficit, it is necessary to check that weight is not still being gained through a surplus intake of calories. The key question is how many calories a day for men and woman?

Apples Required calorie intake varies from person to person depend largely on activity, those who have an active lifestyle or engage in manual labour are likely to need more calories than those who work for instance in an office job.

Different sources recommend different levels of calorie intake, the US department of agriculture recommends a daily intake of around 1,600 to 2,800 calories a day dependent upon age and activity levels.

Other sources are more specific recommending that men consume around 2,550 calories per day and woman 1,940 per day. These levels are those associated with a normal diet and hence if sticking to these levels one should neither gain nor lose weight.

The next stage once the energy balance has been addressed is to create a deficit. In order to do this one can either reduce the number of calories consumed in the first place, this is known as dieting. Alternatively one can engage in an exercise regime and thus increase the number of calories used.

Finally one can engage in a weight loss program which takes both sides of the equation simultaneously. This may be the best option for many as it requires smaller changes on both sides of the coin, which are more sustainable making it easier to ensure that more calories per day are being used than consumed.