Eating Slow: Why Eating Slowly May Aid Weight Loss

Every considered that eating slow could help to lose weight? Increasingly sources including the British Medical Journal indicate that slow eating could be one key way of aiding natural weight loss.

Studies in Japan indicate that eating too quickly can increase the chances of being overweight significantly, estimates conclude that eating quickly raises the chances of being overweight for men by 84% and by 50% for woman.

There are many reasons and theories as to why slow eating may aid weight loss, one theory is that the body simply takes time to recognise the fact that food has been consumed and send a signal to the brain that food is no longer required.

If food is consumed too quickly, this may increase the number of calories that are consumed before the brain has the chance to react and send a signal that the body is no longer hungry.

If looking to try the method, here are some tips:

Eat Socially – Eating socially is a great way to slow down the speed of eating, conversation will slow down the speed at which a meal is consumed and make the experience an overall more pleasurable one.

Drink Water – Not only is drinking water with a meal a healthy habit, it will also slow down the speed at which food is consumed and add volume giving greater satisfaction without any additional calories.

Food Focus – Take the time really enjoy the meal, food is something to be enjoyed and by slowing down and focusing on the flavours and textures of every mouthful, this will overall result in a smaller amount of food being consumed and yet a greater level pleasure achieved from the meal.