Fat Burner Supplements: How do Fat Burners Work?

Fat burner is one weight loss product which has gained increasing popularity in recent years. The keys questions are how do these supplements work and do they have any known side effects besides weight loss?

In answer to the first question, most supplements simply work by increasing the body’s metabolic rate in one way or another, on other words they cause the body to burn an increased number of calories through chemical stimulation.

Exactly which chemicals are used to increase the body’s metabolism will vary dependent upon the brand of pill purchased however, caffeine is a common substance used in many supplements.

As for side effects, common issues include a general feeling of “jitteriness” and increased levels of anxiety, as such if already prone to these conditions then taking fat busting pills may add to the problem and make the supplement unsuitable.

In addition some brands such as Phen 375 also have other deliberate side effect such as appetite suppressing qualities. As such, this helps to increase level of weight loss by both increasing the number of calories burned and reducing the desire to consume calories in the first place.

So if looking to get that extra boost in losing weight then it may be worth considering a fat busting supplement. However, as with all weight loss products consider carefully the side effects and be mindful of spurious claims of an overnight weight loss solution.