Fat Camps: The Traditional Style Weight Loss Boot Camp

Weight loss boot camps, AKA fat camps are one solution to rapid weight loss. Whilst there are a wide range of boot camp options available, programs typically focus upon generating a quick weight loss solution during the time of the program with lifestyle changes often coming second in consideration.

Residential options range in length from that of an extended weekend to week long sessions or more. During one’s time at a camp it can be expected that a significant amount of weight can be lost. Prestige Boot Camp in the UK reports regular weight losses of 8-12 pounds per week.

Weight loss typically takes place as a result of a focus upon high levels of activity linked to a calorie controlled diet.

Such methods are often devised and implemented by ex-military personal and experts, thus giving the boot camp its military flavour.

If considering a boot camp then there is also the long term issue of weight loss to consider. Boot camps offer a short term solution to quick weight loss however, if there is any value to be gained from the investment then consider carefully whether what is on offer from the camp can be translated into the daily routine after leaving the program.

As such, considers a weight loss boot camp if a military style structured approach to quick weight loss is required. If a gentler approach is required or your interest lies more in long term changes to diet and exercise then this may not be the option for you.