What is Gastric Balloon Surgery?

Gastric balloon surgery is one of the less intimidating forms of weight loss surgery. Unlike other surgeries, the balloon is inserted under a local rather than general anaesthetic and the patient is free to go home the same day in most circumstances.

The balloon is made of silicon and inserted into the stomach through the mouth rather than an incision.

Once in the stomach the balloon is filled with a saline solution which inflates the device and thus takes up space in the stomach.

The result is an artificial feeling of fullness and hence a reduced apatite, with a lower desire to eat, less calories are consumed and hence weight is lost for the period the gastric balloon is present.

At the end of the program, usually about six months, the balloon is drained of the saline solution and again the empty sack removed pulling the empty bag back up through the mouth or nose.

Like any form of medical procedure there are potential complications and the risk of failure however, the balloon may be seen as a much safer option using a local anaesthetic and not requiring an incision unlike other forms of weight loss surgery. Other issues to consider are that weight may be subsequently gained if in the time of the program a healthier lifestyle was not adopted and a new approach to eating.