What is Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Gastric bypass surgery may be seen as one of the most extreme forms of weight loss surgery with serious and permanent effects for the patient. As such, the gastric bypass should be considered as one of the options of last resort. However, if suffering from long term weight problems, further research into bypass surgery may be worth considering.

The gastric bypass is an operation which permanently reduces the size of the stomach and hence causes weight loss like other forms of gastric surgery by limiting the amount of food one is able to consume and digest.

Specifically, the bypass operation consists of a small pouch being created at the top of the stomach to which part of the intestine is then grafted.

This results in much of the food consumed effectively bypasses the stomach and much of the intestine, thus reducing the amount of food absorbed by the body resulting in weight loss.

As such, one can see that the stomach bypass is a serious operation with long term effects.

While the operation has a proven track record of generating weight loss, the procedure can be complex and expensive with a serious potential for medical complications.

Given the long term nature of the surgery and the potential for complications and long term side effects, the stomach stapling operation or bypass should only be considered in the most critical of circumstance and even then only once all other options have been considered first.