Green Tea Weight Loss Solutions? All About Green Tea and Weight Loss

Every considered a green tea weight loss solution? Green tea and weight loss has become one of the latest debates amongst the sliming community, whilst there is little doubt that the drink it a healthy one packed with anti-oxidants the question is can green tea really aid weight loss?

Theories behind why green tea aids weight loss are numerous however the two major theories are as follows:

Caffeine: Green tea contains caffeine which increases the body’s metabolic rate, it is reported that the additional caffeine drank in green tea could result in an additional 78 calories per day being burned.

This adds up to a staggering 28,000 calories per year or eight pounds of body fat simply by drinking a few cups of green tea.

Chemical Properties: Others report that green tea contains digestive enzymes which interferer with the body’s ability to digest and store fat, thus resulting in increased weight loss.

Having considered the arguments, it is unlikely that drinking green tea will result in a “drink yourself thin” weight loss solution. However, green tea would seem to offer a healthy way of drinking a caffeinated drink which may aid weight loss as part of a healthy life style approach to weight loss management.

Green tea is widely available in both loose and bagged form from a large range of merchants and in the supermarket. In addition, there are also specialist brands of weight loss green tea available such as Tava Tea.