A Popular List of Weight Loss Programs

Looking for a list of weight loss programs? There are hundreds if not thousands of diets and exercise programs available, here are just a few to consider before taking the big plunge and committing to a regime.

The Dr Atkins Diet – The original “eat your way thin diet”, the Atkins diet is based around a low carb theme in which dieters are encouraged to cut out carbs and replace with such foods with fats.

The South Beach Diet – The result of the South Beach diet is often a low carb diet however, the diet its self is not necessarily about cutting out carbohydrates but eating the right kind of carbs which result in slow energy release. As such the South Beach diet may be seen as a bridge between the Atkins diet and a low GI diet.

Low Gi Diets – Low GI diets advocate the eating of foods which release sugars into the blood over an extended period of time. As such, low GI diets reduce calorie consumption due to the fact that dieters will simply not experience the feelings of hunger associated with a diet made up of high GI foods.

The Cambridge Diet – One of several food replacement diets on the list of weight loss programs this is built around the consumption of a number of branded weight loss shakes and snacks. The diet may include an additional 400-800 calories per day from additional sources.

The Special K Plan – A personalised diet program based around the concept of eating a reasonable amount of low calorie foods per day. The emphasis of the diet is upon staving off hunger by eating low calorie foods that have a “bulk” nature.

The Slimfast Plan – Another weight loss program based upon the consumption of a range of branded snacks and weight loss shakes. The evening meal however, is an integral part of the Slim Fast program unlike other food replacement diets.

The Medifast Weight Loss Program – If eating little and often is your thing , then check out the Medifast weight loss program. This weight loss program sees the dieter eating a regular number of branded snacks throughout the day plus a “lean green” meal in the evening.

Weightwatchers – No list of weight loss programs would be complete without Weight Watchers, this is a well known weight loss program which includes both a diet and support groups as well as a wealth of information on weight loss and related health issues. The diet is a points based system and as such is easy to follow and does not requite calorie counting.

Slimming World – Another large weight loss program with loyal following, the program also offers a diet, support groups and information on weight loss and exercise. The basis of the Slimming World program is that of food optimisation, this is not cutting down the amount of food eat but rather eating sufficient qualities of the right food to beat hunger.