Natural Weight Loss Supplements: How do They Work?

Natural weight loss supplements are appealing to many who either do not wish to take prescription weight loss medications or are just looking for that extra boost in losing weight from a natural source.

There are a wide range of natural weight loss products on the market which range from diet patches with plant extracts which enter the body through the skin over a prolonged period to pills containing natural extracts that are ingested orally.

Natural weight loss pills and products tend to function two basic principals, they either contain an extract which is believed to suppress apatite, such as those found in Hoodia products. Here weight is lost simply by the consumption of less calories per day induced by a lower appetite.

On the other hand, other products such as various supplements containing tea extracts are believed to increase the speed of the body’s metabolism thus ensuring weight loss through the burning of additional calories each day.

The basic principals of natural weight loss supplements and pills would seem to be sound given that different chemical compounds affect the body in different ways and some of these chemicals will affect the speed of the metabolism as well as a person’s appetite. However, before buying such weight loss supplements, it may be better to consider customer reviews and testimonials rather taking the claims of manufactures at face value.