Quick Weight Loss Tips: What is the Maximum Safe Weight Loss Rate?

The internet and books are full of quick weight loss tips however, it is also important to ensure that weight is not lost too quickly. As such, the key question is what is the maximum safe weight loss rate?

Many sources indicate that the maximum safe weight loss rate is in the region of 2 pounds per week. This equates to 7,000 calories or a calorie deficit of 1,000 calories per day.

Whilst many diets and exercise programs report results which are greater than this level, such programs may have other side effects ranging from the simple unsustainability of the regime to long term health consequences associated with rapid weight loss or poor nutrition.

Aside from the health concerns of losing a greater amount of weight the recommended levels, there is also the consideration that such methods are usual uncomfortable in one way or another. In short they usually rely upon starvation levels of dieting or punishing exercise programs which are no fun for any one.

As such, if looking to lose weight in the long term, don’t be tempted into a diet program offering over night results. Think of losing weight as part of a change towards an overall healthier lifestyle and aim to lose that 2 pounds a week, week in week out. The results will be noticeable over time and you’ll have achieved effective weight loss and a healthier lifestyle in one go.