Causes of Rapid Weight Gain: Avoid Putting on Weight While Driving

For many, a long drive to work each day is unavoidable and this can lead to rapid weight gain. However, avoiding a few key pitfalls can see that even with long drive each day one can maintain weight to desired levels.

One of the problems with a long commute is that despite being a low calorie burning activity it is tiring, a long drive especially at high speed requires significant amounts of concentration all of which can lead to feelings of lethargy and tiredness. Unfortunately this can also leave a person lacking the desire to exercise and forming bad habits which result in rapid weight gain.

Dunkin Donuts If having a long commute is a part of the daily routine here are so tips for driving and staying slim:

Snacks – One of the key problems with commuting is frankly it can be boring, try to avoid snacking as this adds additional calories to one’s daily intake when partaking in an activity which burns minimal calories.

Try to find alternative sources of diversion such as engaging radio programs, music or audio books.

Caffeine – No surprisingly many commuters suffer from tiredness and a common approach is to have a caffeinated drink on the move. If doing so, ensure that a low calorie drink is consumed, the calories in sugared sodas or coffees containing full fat milk soon add up.

Exercise – A long commute means that a significant part of a person’s day is spend in relative inactivity. While a long commute may make a person tired, it is important to try to exercise so as to avoid rapid weight gain. Try to fit exercise in at a convenient time, such as directly after getting home or even stop at the pool or gym on the way. Trying to exercise after sitting down in front of the TV for even a few minutes can be much more difficult once the feeling of tiredness kicks in.