Slimfast: The Slim Fast Weight Loss Plan 3-2-1

Slimfast is a well established diet plan and range of weight loss products marketed as “the slim fast plan” by the food and drinks conglomerate Unilever. The program is designed for those looking to lose 20% of their weight or less and products are designed to be consumed as part of a calorie controlled diet as opposed to being a complete food replacement diet.

The diet makes use of the 3-2-1 concept which consists of the following three elements:

3 – Here dieters consume three branded snacks per day, these each contain 95 calories, the plan also recommends a range of alternative snacks which may be consumed including a range of fruit and nuts.

2 – Each day sees the consumption of two shakes or meal bars, these provide roughly 1/3 of the calories of the diet each day and are also designed to provide a wide range of vitamins and minerals which may otherwise be lacking in a calorie controlled diet.

1 – Finally those on the slim fast weight loss program are encouraged to have a single evening meal of around 600 calories for woman and 800 calories for men.

In addition to the branded products offered, the company also offers a range of online services and support options for slimmer’s including online progress tracking and recipe and weight loss tips.

As such, slimfast may be seen as a standard calorie controlled diet in which a range of branded products and snacks aid easy calorie counting and subsequent weight loss. Products are available in a wide range of outlets including supermarkets, health shops and online at the company’s official website.