Slimming World: Weight Loss Program and Support Group

Slimming World is a weight loss support group made up of two parts, the commercial entity and a charity spin off SMILES, which raises money for a variety of charitable causes. The organisation is based in the UK but also has a presence in the US, Italy and Cypress.

Like many of the larger commercial slimming groups and clubs, the organisation offers a weight loss program which includes a diet regime and support sessions run by a qualified individual. The Slimming World formula breaks down into the following elements:

Food Optimisation – The organisation does not like to refer to its eating regime as dieting, instead the phrase “food optimisation” is preferred.

The aim of food optimisation is to encourage those who are taking part to eat the right foods in whatever quantity is necessary to fulfil the appetite. As such, the food optimisation formula is not based on restricting the amount of food eaten but the kinds of food eaten.

Meetings – The company runs over 6,000 groups managed by more than 3,000 qualified leaders. Group meetings consist of a confidential progress check or weight in, sessions on image therapy and a chance for members to share useful weight loss tips and recipes. Sessions are designed to be a social as well as learning experience and new members are given an introduction to the program at the first meeting.

If attending a meeting is not possible or you just feel this is not the right avenue, the organisation also runs an online resource with valuable information being proved in a secure member’s only area of the company’s official website.

So, if looking for a weight loss program and support group based around changing what you eat rather than the amount you eat, this may be the ticket for you.