The South Beach Diet: The Latest Craze Diet

Unlike many diets, the South Beach Diet was not actually created as a diet for rapid weight loss. Instead the diet was invent by Dr Agatston to improve heart health of his patients however, one of the noticeable side effects of the diet was rapid weight loss for those who followed the regime.

The attraction to the diet is obvious, the book claims that 13 pounds of body fat can be lost in just two weeks. More attractive to many is that the diet not only claims rapid weight loss is possible but also that most of the fat lost will come from around the tummy.

The South Beach Diet is not necessarily a low carb diet in the same form as the Dr Atkins Diet, rather the method focuses upon the consumption of the “right kind” of carbs.

The program is in effect a low GI diet however, the net result is in effect a diet which restricts carbohydrate intake severely for many, especially considering traditional sources such as bread and cereals.

Low GI forms of carbohydrate however are allowed, these include pastas, pulses and unprocessed cereals such as porridge oats. The diet is split down into three stages as follows:

Phase One – In stage one all carbohydrates are banned, in this stage the focus of the diet is a 14 day stint on meat, fish, poultry, eggs and dairy products.

Phase Two – After the “carb holiday” low GI carbs are introduced back into the diet again. These include slow burn carbohydrates such as whole grain pasta, granary bread and most fruit and vegetables. Phase two is continued until the target weight is achieved.

Phase Three – After achieving target weight, the diet encourages participants to slowly introduce a wider variety of foods until a stable weight is achieved, neither losing or gaining weight.

Unlike many diets, the South Beach diet does not advocate starvation or even a set number of meals. Dieters are encouraged to eat as much as is required but to focus upon the “what” of the diet rather than the “how much”.

As such, the South Beach Diet represents a three stage low GI diet as opposed to a strictly low carb diet. While the results are impressive, one must consider carefully whether such rapid weight loss is necessarily a healthy option. As such, it is recommended that a qualified professional is consulted before attempting the diet.

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