The Special K Diet: A Personalised Weight Loss Solution?

The mention of the Special K diet conjures up an image of an unbalanced starvation diet based around eating a few bowls of cereal of the same name. The reality however, is somewhat different, while the diet is a great marketing opportunity for Kellogg’s and Special K, the plan claims that no purchase of Special K products is required.

The Special K plan is based around a personalised diet which makes use of a nutritionally balanced meal plan including 5 portions of fruit and veg a day, three potions of dairy per day and two servings of fish per week.

In order to receive a personalised meal plan, those signing up are first required to register answering a number of questions which will determine the contents of the meal plan.

The meal plan is designed to create a deficits which will aid the dieter to lose between 1 and 2 pounds in weight per week.

As with many diet plans, the promoters have a buzz word or unique concept, in the case of the Special K program the concept is “Volumetrics”. Here the concept is that hunger leads to unhappiness and ultimately the failure of a diet.

As such the Volumetrics concept encourages a diet which is built upon eating greater volumes of food that have a lower calorie density than other diets. The net result is that while the volume of food consumed is increased thus offsetting hunger, the calorie content reduces aiding weight loss.

So if you can live with the slightly self promotional nature of the marketing, the Special K diet may be a way of getting a low cost personalised meal plan, which is designed in conjunction with government recommendations on nutritional requirements.