How Good is Walking For Weight Loss?

Walking is a great form of exercise but just how good is walking for weight loss? While walking may not be the most intense forms of exercise, any activity which increases the number of calories burned per day will aid weight loss.

So whether it’s simply getting of the bus or sub-way one stop early or planning long hike or walking holiday, increasing the amount of walking in your life will make a positive contribution to weight loss efforts.

What are the specifics? Since we all walk at different speeds, the best way may be to consider the number of calories burned per mile.

While the exact number will vary from person to person a rough guide is that 100 calories are burned for every 1 mile walked.

From a weight loss perspective this means that a person will lose 1 pound for every 35 miles walked on the basis that 1 pound of fat is equal to 3,500 calories. This may not sound like a great deal but at an average speed of just three miles an hour, an extra hour of walking adds up to 300 extra calories burned per day.

Walking for weight loss also has several other benefits. In the first instance, walking is a low intensity exercises, this means that walking is suitable for this who initially have low fitness levels as well as those who are worried about negative side effects of high impact exercises.

Another major benefit is that walking is free, pop on a pair of shoes and some sensible cloths and you can be out burning off the calories without paying expensive gym memberships or joining an organised sports team.

So if looking to lose weight by engaging in a form of exercise which is inexpensive, relaxing and suitable for all fitness levels, add a few extra miles of walking to the day. The pay off won’t be instant but a few extra miles per day can make all the difference in the long term.