Water and Weight Loss: Can Water Help You to Lose Weight?

Water and weight loss are a healthy combination but the key question is can drinking more water help a person to lose weight? Research suggests that the simple act of drinking more water may lead to weight loss in itself.

Those who drink less than 1 litre of water per day are seen as the prime beneficiaries with various studies suggesting that those in this group who increased consumption to 1 litre per day often lost weight as a direct result.
How drinking water and weight loss works is due to a number of factors, in the first instance drinking water, especially cold water increases the body’s metabolic rate. As such, an increased number of calories are burned by consuming a calorie neutral substance.

Secondly drinking water also acts as an appetite suppressant but does not lead to a feeling of bloatedness. In short, drinking water is a way of curbing hunger but without inducing a bloated feeling of fullness.

So if looking for a cheap way to increase the number of calories burned per day, which has many other health benefits including improved skin hydration and a reduced risk of other medical conditions such as kidney stones, considering increasing the amount of water drank each day.

Those trying the weight loss and water technique should drink a minimum of 1 litre of pure water per day however, recommended levels for maximum benefit are 2 litres per day which equates to around 6-8 glasses of fresh water.