Weight Loss and Alcohol – How to Lose Weight Without Giving Up Drinking.

For those of us who enjoy a drink, it is unfortunate that weight loss and alcohol do not necessarily go together. The high calorie nature of most alcoholic drinks means that if looking to lose weight then it would be better to cut out beers, wines and spirits altogether.

However, if one is to achieve long term weight loss without a relapse into bad habits then it is perhaps better to consider changing the way we drink rather than trying to cut alcohol out of our lives altogether.

The fundamental problem for those looking to lose weight without giving up alcohol is that alcoholic drinks are high in calories. Calories come from two sources the alcohol itself and additional calories which are present in many drinks, largely in the form of residual sugars.

In addition, alcohol also makes the body less efficient at burning calories and can leave a person feeling lethargic if a large amount of alcohol it consumed regularly over a prolonged period.

As such those who drink suffer from the double negative of increased calories against the back drop of a decreased ability to burn them off.

This however, does not mean that weight loss and alcohol are completely incompatible, here are some tips for alcohol and weight loss:, here are some tips for alcohol and weight loss:

Moderation – Have a drink but don’t turn it into a session. As long as the calories are included in the daily intake there is no reason not to have an alcoholic drink, simply treat alcohol as with any other occasional high calorie treat, something to be enjoyed in moderation.

Type – All alcoholic drinks vary in calorie content however, those with large amounts of residual sugar such as beer or wine have additional calories present. Consider sticking to lower calorie sources of alcohol such as spirits.

Mixers – If sticking to sprits consider that mixers also add calories to the drink in the form of sugars. Beat the calories by opting for a low calorie mixer such as diet sodas or various waters.

As such, whilst it would be best not to mix weight loss and alcohol if you enjoy a drink then it may be better to exercise moderation and look at the type of alcohol being drank, rather than trying to give up drinking altogether.

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