The Weight Loss Exercise Program: Its Calories That Count

In designing a weight loss exercise program many will focus on metrics such as distance, or time however, a better approach may be to focus on calorie counting in a similar way to those who are dieting.

The fact of the mater is, how many times a week one visits the gym or the amount of miles run in week do not tell the individual a great deal, what is important is the amount of calories burnt.

As such it may make sense to build an exercise regime based around the burning of a specific number of calories per day or per session. Such a method has a number of advantages. In the first instance, one can achieve a greater level of consistency burning a desired number of additional calories per day.
Treadmill Secondly, the method may also be more flexible. For instance, on a day when time is limited a person may choose to go for a relatively intense session at the gym.

Whilst at the weekend, when time is at less of a premium the exercise may be spread over a day in a more leisurely form such as walking.

Another key benefit is that of variety, using time or distance can often result in boredom.

Are you really able to stick to a five mile run every day without getting bored, or does 500 calories of running two times a week and 500 calories of cycling three times a week sound like more fun?

In short, by designing a weight loss exercise program which focuses on calorie counting, weight loss is ensured through the combination of flexibility, variety and the consistency of additional calories burnt.