Weight Loss Foods: What to Eat on a Diet

The best weight loss foods will leave the dieter in a position of losing weight while hardly noticing that they are on a diet. Unfortunately, many diet focus upon what can’t be eaten so here are some general ideas as to the kinds of food to look out for.

Think whole grain! White foods such as pasta, white bread and processed cereals may all be off the menu but look to eat their whole grain cousins instead.

Whole gain pastas, breads and whole cereals will give you a slow release of energy over the day thus cutting down on feelings of hunger and preventing snacking.

Water Content – Many foods which have a high water content such as salad leaves and vegetables have the double positive effect of being both bulky and low in calories. Celery even uses more calories to digest than is gained from its consumption. As such, foods with a high water content are often great weight loss foods.

Something Sweet – We all have sweet cravings, fortunately not all sweet food are bad for weight loss. Many common forms for fruit such as apples, pears and citrus contain complex forms of sugar allowing the dieter to have something sweet whilst avoiding refined sugars which will have a negative impact upon the diet.

As such, if trying to lose weight, aim for a mixture of foods with slow release forms of energy sich as whole grain foods, in addition the consumption of bulky foods with a high water content will also aid dieting without every having the need to go hungry again.