The Weight Loss Patch: How do Diet Patches Work?

One of the many products to enter the market recently is the weight loss patch and various diet patches. Whilst each patch has its own formula, the basic premise is that patch will see that the body absorbs one or more chemicals through the skin over a prolonged period of time.

As with most weight loss products, patches work by either promising appetite suppression which reduces the desire to consume calories in the first place or by increasing the speed of the metabolism thus encouraging the body to burn more calories.

Unlike many weight loss products, a large number of patches offer a herbal or entirely natural aid to weight loss which some find more attractive than resorting to chemical or medial pills and supplements.

As such, in researching the effectiveness of a weight loss patch, it may be better consider the effectiveness of the underlying supplement. For instance, Slimweight produces diet patches with a high content of Fucus Vesiculosus a sea based plant whilst the Hoodia Patch formula is not surprisingly based around extracts of the Hoodia cacti known for its appetite suppressing abilities.

So if looking for a natural weight loss aid without resorting to pills, it may be worth considering the patch as an alternative. In deciding how effective such products are, look to consider the properties of the underlying ingredients rather than taking the claims of the manufacturers at face value.