Beat the Weight Loss Plateau: Losing Weight After the Initial Success

The weight loss plateau is common condition experienced by slimmer’s and occurs at some point after the initial success of a diet or exercise program but before the target weight is achieved. The issue is one by which the person maintains the current diet and level of exercises but unlike in previous weeks, no further weight is lost for a period.

For many, the disappointment of the plateau can often lead to the abandoning of a diet or exercise program. However, this is the crucial point in which a slimmer must have faith and trust the science.

The fact of the mater is, if you are consuming less calories each day than your body is using then you will continue to lose body fat in the long term.

As such, if a suitable calorie deficit has been created but the weight plateau has been experienced it is important to stick to the program and not give up.

It may also be worth reviewing a program especially if exercise is a key feature, here one consideration is that as a person loses weight, the same amount of exercise will not generate the same benefit. As a person loses weight, they may need to increase the amount of time spent exercising to burn the same number of calories previously.

In addition it may be worth considering joining a support group, the weight loss plateau is by no means an uncommon experience and members will be able to offer a variety of hints and tips on deal with the issue.

So if a weight loss program has suddenly stopped working, don’t panic and certainly don’t give up and revert to old habits. Instead review the program to check that a calorie deficit is still being achieved and stick to the program in the knowledge that a calorie deficit will always result in weight loss over the long term.