Weight Loss Resort: Beyond Weight Loss Camps

While weight loss camps have come a long way since the traditional boot camp or fat camp, the weight loss resort may be an even greater improvement. Such resorts allow the individual to combine a weight loss program and a holiday into a single event.

Weight loss resorts offer many of the advantages of a weight loss camp including nutritional and dietary advice, exercise and counselling.

However, the advantage of such resorts is that they are also set up to specifically to cater for the person looking to combine weight loss with a holiday.

As well as holiday paradise locations, resorts also offer a much wider range of options than the traditional weight loss camp.

Take for instance the Ananda resort in Thailand, not only is the resort set in a picture perfect location but the facility offers a range of specialist options including fasting and yoga programs, which may be less common at the traditional weight loss camp.

Weight loss resorts also offer a wide variety of options including packages for woman only sessions and weight loss programs combined with spa treatments to truly turn that weight loss program into a holiday at the same time.

So if looking for a residential weight loss program but also looking to take a holiday at the same time, then consider booking into a weight loss resort.