Weight Loss Tea: Science or Snake Oil?

Specialist producers of weight loss tea such as Tava Tea and Cho-Yung Tea market their products as specialist weight loss drinks. In order to understand weather these are genuine products or snake oils, it is perhaps better to consider the weight loss properties of tea in general. In theory, those who advocate drinking tea as a weight loss solution point to two arguments.

The first is that tea contains a relatively high level of caffeine which increases the body’s metabolic rate and thus increases calorie consumption inducing weight loss.

The second argument is that teas also contain digestive enzymes which also aid the body in burning fat and thus further increase the number of calories burned per day.

In general teas come in three forms, unfermented in the form of green tea, fermented in the form of black tea and oolong tea which is a halfway house. Black teas are usually stronger in flavour and contain a greater level of caffeine than green teas however, green tea is often the basis of many specialist weight loss drinks.

Considering the evidence, one may be lead to the conclusion that specialist weight loss teas may aid weight loss as part of a healthy diet based upon a balanced diet and a good exercise regime. However, such products are unlikely to lead to a “drink your self thin” solution.

As such, try weight loss forms of tea as a relatively risk free way of aiding weight loss while enjoying a decent cup of tea but be sceptical of any claims that such products will lead to rapid weight loss without further effort.