Weight Watchers: What is the WeightWatchers Program?

Weight Watchers or WeightWatchers is one of the leading weight loss support organisations with a presence in over 21 countries including the UK and United States. The organisation is a for profits business however, the organisation has a strong community feel which many find appealing.

The program offers a number of elements listed below which those following the program chose to include either in there entirety or by cherry picking the relevant elements:

Meetings – Meetings are hosted nationally and lead by a trained course leader. In the UK there are over 1,500 trained course leaders currently hosting meetings around the country.

Each meeting focuses on a specific weight loss topic and thus is a key learning opportunity for those trying to lose weight.

As with many weight loss support groups there is also a weekly weight in however, this is a private rather than public affair in the Weight Watchers program.

Diet – The diet plan is based around a points system in which a certain number of points rather than calories are consumed each day. The points system us designed to be easier to understand and more flexible than the traditional calorie based diet system.

The points system can also be of great benefit for those eating unlabeled foods where it may otherwise be difficult to ascertain how many calories are in a particular food.

Products – As well as meetings and diet plans there are also a range of WeightWatchers branded food products available, these are designed to fit into the diet plan and provide a source of low calorie food.

So if looking for a weight loss support group which offers a complete weight loss program including meetings, dieting programs and products this may be a resource to investigate further.