Wine and Weight Loss: Losing Weight Without Giving Up Wine

Once described as “sunlight held together by water” unfortunately for those considering wine and weight loss the phrase “sunlight held together by water and sugar” may be more appropriate.

For those looking to lose weight without giving up wine there are two problems. In the first instance wine contains a moderate amount of alcohol which is a high calorie substance in itself.

Secondly, wine being made of grapes also has a high degree of residual sugar which adds additional calories. This is sometimes made worse by producers who add sugar to under ripe grapes in cold climates or poor years.

So if looking to lose weight without giving up wine, consider a few of the following hints and tips:

Glass Sizes – Glass sizes have increasingly got larger in pubs and restaurants, as such consider ordering a small measure or buy a set of moderately sized glasses for use in the home. This will help cut consumption and hence the number of calories taken into the body without having to drop wine from the menu.

Dry Wine – Sweet wines often contain more calories than drier ones due to larger levels of residual sugars present. As such, choose a dry wine which may have a lower calorie content in comparison to its sweet cousin.

Alcohol Content – As with all alcoholic drinks, the alcohol itself contributes significantly to the overall alcohol content. As such, choose a lower alcohol wine which may benefit from reduced levels of calories.

Drink Socially – What better way to reduce consumption and exercise moderation than to drink socially? Wine lends itself to sharing and socialisation like no other drink, this should have the side effect of reducing consumption so long as the group does not choose to increase the number of bottles shared.

So, considering wine and weight loss or how to lose weight without giving up wine, choose dry wines with a low alcohol content and always ensure that wine is drank in moderation.