Weight Loss Sucess Story - 1000 Calories a Day the Magic Way

by John Holmes
(Lincoln, UK)

Throughout my younger life I was always the skinny kid in school who could eat anything (and did) without putting on so much as a pound. To top it all off not only was I permanently skinny but I also had no interest what so ever in sport or exercise, in short weight lose was never an issue for me in the past.

Unfortunately certain events happened to me a few years after graduating and an office closure later saw me having to commute a large distance to work each day leaving me tired out and without time for hobbies or physical exercise. In a very short space of time, long hours spend driving connected to a poor diet and increasingly lower levels of physical exercise lead to a rapid gain of weight.

In just a year I had been through several cloths sizes and the march to obesity seemed inevitable. As time went on I became increasingly depressed, seeming to grow in size every week and feeling helpless to do anything about it. Life had become almost intolerable, I was barely able to look myself in the mirror in the morning, became increasing moody company for my wife and family and all because of a sudden and seemingly unstoppable level of weight gain.

The mater came to a head one day when I had an emotional breakdown in the office at work, not a public breakdown but a private moment in which I realised that I could not carry on as I was. I decided I needed to make some real life changes and lose weight, I had made several botched attempts at weight loss before but it was this recognition of the need to make long term changes which turned the ship around.

I’m pleased to say that since this day I have lost a great deal of weight, I’m not as skinny as the old me of my student days (nor would I want to be) but I’m happier and healthier and much better company for those who love and care for me.

The best part of the story is that since the start of my weight loss program, I haven’t spent a single penny on weight loss products bar a cheap exercise bike purchased from the supermarket, I haven’t tried any fad diets or subjected my self to excruciating levels of hunger and I still enjoy the occasional pint of beer or glass of wine. I simply bought and exercise bike and built up to a 1,000 calorie a day excise bike workout each and every day, in short I cycled my self thin while watching DVDs and only making a few moderations to the diet such as cutting out snacking.

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